This week we try to scratch the surface of Evolution with the help of Rachel Nanon Brown (@RachelNanon): Evolution Expert from Dogma Debate Radio, future Paleoanthropologist and  research assistant at the Arlington Archosaur site, under Dr. Derek Main. There’s no way we can cover the enormity of this subject in just one podcast. Hopefully this episode is a springboard for many more episodes on the subject in the future!

Show Notes

The History Channel’s The Bible in under 10 Minutes:



Evolution Education Resources:

1) Learnings Web. Large resource w/books, websites, and games –   

2) BBC youth science resources –

3) Darwin Game –


Recommended Reading:

Michael Shermer: Why Darwin Matters

Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution


Recommended Listening:

Dogma Debate, Episode 30: Evolution Explained


Music Break 1: Autumn Owls, “Spider” from the acoustic album The Long Way Around. Grab this track for free here.

Music Break 2: Autumn Owls, “Spare Room” from the acoustic album The Long Way Around. Grab this track for free here.