Everyone Is Agnostic With Marie D’Elephant

A lost episode has been found! In our final episode of Season 5, Marie D'Elephant joins me to discuss her story of challenging and then leaving her faith. She is one of the hosts of the Everyone's Agnostic podcast (which is on an indefinite hiatus, but...

Facing The Music With Jennifer Knapp

On the season finale of Season 5, I'm honored to have Jennifer Knapp as a guest! We discuss her faith journey as well as her music. We also discuss Inside Out Faith, a non-profit Jennifer created to actively engage faith communities in order to educate,...

Life At All Costs With Asha Dahya

Many people see the Pro Choice vs. Pro Life debate in simple terms. Sometimes this even affects how people will vote or what political party they align themselves with. Asha Dahya seeks to change this conversation. On this episode we discuss her recently...

Chasing Ghosts

Halloween is upon us! I sit down with Jill Worsley to talk about her podcast At The Fire, hear ghost stories and talk about her experience as the child of a recreational ghost hunter! About Jill Worsley: Jill Worsley is the host of the podcast At The Fire...

The Church Of Satan

On this episode I sit down with Magister Bill M. of The Church Of Satan. We have a fantastic conversation about his journey and why the philosophies of Satanism have resonated with him. About Bill M: Bill M. is a Magister in The Church Of Satan. He also...

The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen with Lisa Gungor

On this episode Lisa Gungor joins me to discuss her book The Most Beautiful Thing I've Seen and her journey of marriage, kids and viewing faith through a different lens. About Lisa Gungor: Lisa Gungor has been scribbling songs since she was seven years...

Enemy, Love. A Conversation With John Mark McMillan

Singer/Songwriter John Mark McMillan joins us this week to discuss his faith journey, as well as tribalism, anxiety, doubt and pursuing Jesus no matter where it takes him. About John Mark McMillan: John Mark McMillan is something of an anomaly: an artist...

Journey To Wonder with Michael Gungor

On this episode, Michael Gungor stops by to discuss music, life, faith, ego and deconstruction. About Michael Gungor:   Michael and Lisa Gungor are curators of the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as Gungor. The duo uses their skills...

The Carnality Of Josiah Hesse

This week my old friend Josiah Hesse drops by to talk about his new book Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star out now on Suspect Press. We discuss his Carnality series, atheism, Evangelicalism, Christian music, the Exvangelical movement and a whole lot more....

Gender Liberation With Alex Iantaffi

This week we wrap up (for now) the LGBTQ+ Conversations with an exploration of gender. I am joined by Alex Iantaffi to discuss his journey as well as the research behind understanding gender identity. 

The Philosophy and Theology Of Star Trek

The Philosophy and Theology Of Star Trek

While Star Wars was a cornerstone to my fascination with Science Fiction and Fantasy, Star Trek’s ideas and philosophies gave me more to chew on as I grew up. Today’s episode is dedicated to Star Trek and the impact Gene Roddenberry has made in our lives.

The Second Naïveté

The Second Naïveté

This episode dives into The Second Naïveté and are joined on the podcast by Michael Hardin and Margaret Placentra Johnston to help lay the groundwork. Rob Davis then joins me as we attempt to unpack this very important concept of our Deconstruction and Spiritual Journey.

The AxPx Podcast: The Best Of Seasons 2 & 3

The AxPx Podcast: Best Of Season 1

I’m hard at work on Season 4 right now. This time around, a lot more planning will go into the season and once all the pieces are completed for each topic being researched, the episode will post. A lot of cool things are in the works, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, I figured I’d do a few posts that showcase some “must listen” episodes if you’d like to catch up!

Grüss von Krampus!

Grüss von Krampus!

It's almost Christmas! Which only means one thing...Krampus is coming to town for all the bad girls and boys! I have a conversation with Greg Horton about the history of Krampus and other Christmas time folklore.  

Finding God Through Grief

Finding God Through Grief

As we journey through life we will lose people we love along the way. It’s something that can shake us to our core and challenge our world view. This week I have a conversation with Ronn Compestine about his faith journey after the loss of both parents 10 years ago.