We’re back! I’m thrilled to finally be back to doing this podcast.

This episode dives into The Second Naïveté and are joined on the podcast by Michael Hardin and Margaret Placentra Johnston to help lay the groundwork. Rob Davis then joins me as we attempt to unpack this very important concept of our Deconstruction and Spiritual Journey.

Michael Hardin is the author of The Jesus Driven Life and the co-founder of PreachingPeace.org with his wife, Lorri. They are gearing up for their first big conference in New Mexico, more information can be found at thepeaceofthegospel.com.

Margaret Placentra Johnston is an optometrist and the author of Faith Beyond Belief. Her article “Spiritual Development Theory” was discussed during the show. More information on Margaret can be found at mpjauthor.com.

The idea of The Second Naïveté  comes from Paul Ricœur’s theological and philosophical writings. More information about him can be found here.

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