After a year hiatus, The AxPx is coming back!

I’m hard at work on Season 4 right now. This time around, a lot more planning will go into the season and once all the pieces are completed for each topic being researched, the episode will post. A lot of cool things are in the works, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, I figured I’d do a few posts that showcase some “must listen” episodes if you’d like to catch up!

The AxPx Podcast: Best of Season 1

If you want to jump into my podcast, but are overwhelmed, here are some of my favorite conversations from Season 1 to listen to:

S1-Ep2: Losing Faith:
S1-Ep8: Paranormal Activity:
S1-Ep10: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints:
S1-Ep13.1: Gun Control (pt 1):
S1-Ep13.2: Gun Control (pt 2):
S1-Ep15: De-Converted. A Conversation With Seth Andrews:
S1-Ep16: Live To Soar – A Conversation With Shawn Nelson:
S1-Ep17: God Made Hops, Therefore We Must Beer:
S1-Ep18: The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible:
S1-Ep19: Intro To Evolution:
S1-Ep20: Whitewashing The Bible:
S1-Ep21: Created To Worship:
S1-Ep23: All Are Welcome:
S1-Ep25: Process Theology (According to Trip Fuller):
S1-Ep29: Ohvaur – A Memories Chase:

Look for a “Best of Season 2” post shortly.