Tim was born in Taiwan, but at the age of 10, legally moved to Miami with his mother and sister, where they lived for seven years (with a good chunk of that time also spent in Ecuador) before a legal mess ensued, forcing them to return to Taiwan. They managed to make their way to Canada, and then back into the U.S., but were forced to live in fear and anonymity for nearly 20 years.

Now a legal citizen, Tim is finally ready to open up about this harrowing period of his life, starting with A Memories Chase. [Riot Act Media]

Due to a series of legal issues out of his hands, Timothy Den spent twenty years as an illegal immigrant in the United States. The problem was, being raised in the US, he had nowhere else he could call home. This week I speak to Tim about his band Ohvaur, their new full length album A Memories Chase and his incredible story.

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Letter from Tim – English
Letter from Tim – Spanish
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