The AxPx Podcast 15: De-Converted. A Conversation With Seth Andrews


Seth Andrews was once a Bible believing, God-fearing Christian radio DJ. He now is the  host of a popular Atheist podcast radio show, with over 250,000 listeners and a devoted online community called The Thinking Atheist. Sean and Joey talk to him about his book “De-Converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason” and his journey.

Show Notes

Guest: Seth Andrews

The Thinking Atheist

Buy Seth’s book, De-Converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason:


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Musical Break: Lights & Motion – “Home” from the album Reanimation out on Deep Elm Records.

3 Responses to“The AxPx Podcast 15: De-Converted. A Conversation With Seth Andrews”

  1. February 10, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    Interesting interview. Many good points were made. When the 4 catagories of Christians were discussed i think that Imay have fit in each one over the course of my life but no longer fit any of those catagories anymore. I have abandoned many mainstream teachings. Yet i still firmly beleive in the Creator.

  2. February 18, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    Gentleman I respectfully disagree with your conclusion… Sean, if you could look
    me up on Facebook. I have a note called ‘my song, 1st verse’ explaining much of my Christian walk / experience. Many experiences that are unexplainable logically…

    I have also researched / attended several denominations in my life time analyzing their theological perspectives. I am sure some of my conclusions could appear to be in agreement with yours. But not really. My quest isn’t pushing God away from me, but rather, it is drawing me to God. What it is pushing me away from, is ‘religion’… Rather then try to disprove Jesus, I have disproved religion / religious practices instead. God has allowed me to see ‘the big picture’ on where our world is headed & why… This has taken me years… Religion & Jesus are polar opposites.

    I am also going to give you some links to Gods Feasts. If you know anything about the gospels, you will find the ‘coincidence’ (allowing you latitude) incredable…

    The Spring Feasts have been fulfilled. the fall Feasts have yet to be fulfilled.

    The Spring Feasts (4x)
    Passover to Pentecost – The four Spring feasts

    Lesson 1 of 7

    Lesson 2 of 7

    Lesson 3 of 7

    Lesson 4 of 7

    Lesson 5 of 7

    Lesson 6 of 7

    Lesson 7 of 7

    Study notes:


    The Fall Feasts (3x)

    Yom Teruah (1 of 8) also the New Year, also feast of trumpets, also the day of the rapture, also Rosh Hashanah, and more… Each name means an event- same day different events. Mark explains this in the DVD .

    Lesson 1 of 8

    Lesson 2 of 8

    Lesson 3 of 8

    Lesson 4 of 8

    Lesson 5 of 8

    Lesson 6 of 8

    Lesson 7 of 8

    Lesson 8 of 8

    Study guide

    Yom Kippur (1 of 7) The Day of Atonement!

    Lesson 1 of 7

    Lesson 2 of 7

    Lesson 3 of 7

    Lesson 4 of 7

    Lesson 5 of 8

    Lesson 6 of 7

    Lesson 7 of 7

    Study guide


    Feast of Tabernacles (1 of 9)

    Lesson 1 of 9

    Lesson 2 of 9

    Lesson 3 of 9

    Lesson 4 of 9

    Lesson 5 of 9

    Lesson 6 of 9

    Lesson 7 of 9

    Lesson 8 of 9

    Lesson 9 of 9

    Study Notes;


    Bonus Study! This brings it up to today!

    Mark Biltz — Eclipses

    Lesson 1 of 1

    Study Notes;


    I added this link if anyone wanted to compare between both calendars. It may be confusing to you until you watch all the feast videos.

    Jewish Calendar –

    If you are truely seaking the truth, I would expect you to view these video’s right away.

    Regardless of what you think. It is your choice to make your own decision on Jesus, or not…

    Thanks Sean
    Be blessed!

  3. scduregger
    February 18, 2013 at 10:12 pm #


    Thanks for your perspective. The AxPx Podcast isn’t really about coming to any conclusions. It’s hopefully a weekly gathering place to hear new perspectives, different faith journies, world views and opinions. Each interview is really about the guest and their journey, it’s not a debate.

    Personally, I consider myself more Agnostic these days. I feel that modern Christianity is extremely off base from what Jesus actually taught. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up either. Just the opposite. I’m reading the Bible more than ever, I’m pursuing faith conversations with anyone who is willing to talk. This website and podcast is a part of that exploration.

    You’ve left A LOT of material. When I find the time, I’ll whittle away at the list you’ve given me. I’m sure others will find what you’ve posted interesting as well.

    Thanks for listening, John! I’d encourage you to check out the other podcast episodes. 🙂


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