Continuing the Gun Control conversation, Sean dives in further with his dad, Tom and uncle, Dave. We examine two opposing view points of Gun Control, Assault Rifle Bans and the Second Amendment. Music by Brett Detar.

Show Notes

Discussion #1: Libertarian Viewpoint, Tom Duregger

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your history with guns?
2) There have been mass shootings throughout the United State’s recent history. With the Aurora, CO theater shooting and now the Sandy Hook shooting has our society reached critical mass? Why the newfound demand from certain groups regarding Assault Rifle bans?
3) What is your personal thoughts on “Gun Control” and the Second Amendment?
4) You recently got your “conceal and carry” permit. What steps did you have to go through to get that permit?
5) What are the steps you’ve gone through just to be a gun owner? Do you need a gun permit, etc? What steps are taken to get those?
6) Will banning any sort of gun solve anything?
7) What are your thought’s on President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders? Are they sensible?
8) What, in your opinion will solve the senseless violence we’ve seen in recent memory?
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Discussion #2: Democratic/Liberal Viewpoint, Dave Duregger

Discussion Questions:

1) The arguments for and against Gun Control have been around for quite a long time. Are the Aurora, CO shootings and the Sandy Hook shootings the tipping point in this conversation?
2) What would your ideal method of Gun Control be?
3) What were your thoughts on Obama’s speech and his 23 Executive Orders?
4) Will an Assault Rifle Ban work? Will banning all guns prevent major massacre’s like we’ve seen?
5) What is your personal experience (if any) with guns?
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