This week, Joey and Sean sit down and talk Conspiracy Theories with Sambo Moncivaiz. Focusing on Chemtrails and the hidden cure for cancer, we try to uncover the fact and the fiction.

Show Notes:

Musical Break #1 – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, “Anywhere But Here” from their Noisetrade Sampler. Release Date: out now

Musical Break #2 – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, “Live Forever” from their Noisetrade Sampler. Release Date: out now

Definition of Conspiracy Theory: A theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.

Some of the top conspiracy theories in history:

  • The Moon Landing
  • JFK’s assassination
  • 9/11
  • The Holocaust

The End of the world prophesies that have failed:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicles, The Pluto Files
“Hard to take seriously predictions about the end of the world from the Maya, a culture that could not predict its own demise.”“Hard to take science cues from the Maya, who never discovered the wheel, and who sacrificed animals to satisfy gods.”Things you might say if you flunked Astro101: “The Mayans knew more about the universe than do modern-day scientists”

NASA-“Their calendar does not end on December 21, 2012; it’s just the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one. It’s just like on December 31, our calendar comes to an end, but a new calendar begins on January 1.”Carl Sagan’s famous maxim, he said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since the beginning of time there have been literally hundreds of thousands of predictions for the end of the world, and we’re still here.”


Links of note:
“What is the world are they spraying?” Documentary

Project Cumulous

Why aren’t they just contrails?

Contrails:  or vapor trails are long thin artificial clouds that sometimes form behind aircraft. Their formation is most often triggered by the water vapor in the exhaust of aircraft engines, but can also be triggered by the changes in air pressure in wingtip vortices or in the air over the entire wing surface.[1] Like all clouds, contrails are made of water, in the form of a suspension of billions of liquid droplets or ice crystals.
Depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude the contrail forms, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide. Persistent spreading contrails are thought to have a significant effect on global climate.[2]


  1. Who are these people behind the chemtrails and what is their purpose(s) for spraying chemicals into the atmosphere?
  2. How do we know that this chemtrails are actually happening? What is the evidence?
  3. When did this all start?  Was their reason for producing chemtrails the same reason we have chemtrails today or has the reason or reasons evolved?


  1. Who is Royal Rife?
  2. What was his claim?
  3. What is the conspiracy behind this claim?
  4. Does this device or medicine exist today? Who is carrying on his legacy?
  5. Does this actually cure cancer and all diseases? Or does it help fight against Cancer and other diseases?
  6. What is Bob Beck’s Protocol?
  7. How do you know this is true? What is your evidence?

Links of note: