After a circus of an election year, we figure it’s time to address the “Mormon Moment.” Guest, Trevor McGarrah lays the ground work for his Mormon faith, dispelling the “myths” that circled the 2012 Election Year and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. Featuring music by Deep Elm’s Our Lost Infantry.


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 TOPIC – “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints”

Introduce Guest – Trever McGarrah

Introduce Topic:

1) I’d like to know your journey into Mormonism. Did you grow up in it? Did you become a Mormon later on in life?

2) What are the steps one must take to grow up in the Mormon Church? When did you go on Mission and what is the point of that?

3) If you grew up in the Mormon faith, did you have struggles from people who didn’t understand your faith?

4) What do you see in Mormonism that gives you the impression that it is the true faith?


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From Aldershot, UK – Our Lost  Infantry “Fearless” from the album “The New Art History” on Deep Elm Records. OUT NOW. Go to


Top 12 myths about Mormonism:


1) Mormons practice polygamy

2) Mormons are not Christians

3) Mormons aren’t supposed to drink caffeinated beverages

4) Mormons don’t dance

5) All Mormons live in Utah

6) Women can’t be leaders or speak in the LDS church

7) All Mormons are Republicans

8) A Mormon US President would be a puppet of the LDS prophet

9) Mormons baptize corpses

10) Mormons can’t use birth control

11) Mormons get naked in the temple

12) Mormons don’t believe in the Bible


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From Aldershot, UK – Our Lost  Infantry “Howl” from the album “The New Art History” on Deep Elm Records. OUT NOW. Go to


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