The AxPx Diaries #6 [8/23/17]

I run down the insanity of this summer!

The AxPx Diaries #5 [7/15/17]:

I ramble and read a couple of emails. Enjoy!

The AxPx Diaries #4 [6/25/17]

I discuss some materials that helped me through my “deconstruction” process in my faith and gave me a hopeful outlook on the future.

The AxPx Diaries #3 [6/14/17]

Shunning Jehovah’s Witnesses via a doorbell, The Bible Answer Man embraces Eastern Orthodoxy & the terrifying fact that I’m a dad with older kids…

The AxPx Diaries #2 [6/5/2017]

I go back to church. My thoughts on Church, my kids in church and Pentecost.

The AxPx Diaries #1 [5/27/2017]

I wasn’t a fan of Patreon’s changing pricing structure, so I took it all down. In 2018, I’ll be re-structuring “premium” content for those who are interested in The AxPx Diaries continuing or for those who just want to financially support The AxPx Podcast. Look for a “Patron Saint” page launching soon. Until then, check out the handful of AxPx Diaries episodes I’ve done so you can get a taste for what the AxPx premium content will be like.

Here’s my first “AxPx Diary” episode! Enjoy!

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