This week my old friend Josiah Hesse drops by to talk about his new book Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star out now on Suspect Press. We discuss his Carnality series, atheism, Evangelicalism, Christian music, the Exvangelical movement and a whole lot more.

About Josiah Hesse:

Josiah is a freelance journalist in Denver, Colorado. He writes about politics, marijuana and evangelical culture and theology, and is a regular contributor to the Guardian and Vice. He’s also had bylines in Politico, High Times, and The Denver Post, and is the senior editor of the Denver arts and literature magazine Suspect Press.

An Iowa native and leading authority on 90s Christian rock, Josiah released his debut novel Carnality: Dancing On Red Lake in 2015. A psychological horror about growing up in an isolated farming community fueled by pentecostal Christianity and methamphetamine, the book was hailed as “one of the finest novels to come out of Denver’s burgeoning arts scene.”

Josiah is currently promoting his next installment Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Starwhich was written in part at Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado – the longtime home of Hunter S. Thompson.

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