This week we begin an informal series called “Coming Out.” Throughout the rest of the year, you will hear personal stories from the LBGTQ Community about the impact of embracing who they are and celebrating true freedom. This episode I sit down with John Doolan and Brady Hardin to hear their stories.

If you have a story/perspective you’d like to share the invitation is always open.

You can leave a voicemail: 951-723-5586 or email a story or audio file:

About John Doolan:

John Doolan is the host of the film/entertainment podcast You Can’t Sit With Us. He is also a screenwriter that works as a Key PA on the films he writes. He and his friend Spencer discuss pop culture, the film industry, movies and entertainment through the lens of Queer Culture.

Listen to his podcast You Can’t Sit With Us in iTunes.



About Brady Hardin:

Brady Hardin is the host of The *Life After podcast. The *Life After Podcast & Community is an organization built on deconstructing faith and leaving toxic religion. Him and Chuck Parsons create and provide free resources for skeptics, freethinkers, and anyone on their progress toward deconversion, including both a podcast produced to explore the experiences of those leaving their belief system & an online community designed to be a safe place for people to deconstruct their faith.

Hear Brady’s full story via The *Life After here.

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