A lost episode has been found!
In our final episode of Season 5, Marie D’Elephant joins me to discuss her story of challenging and then leaving her faith. She is one of the hosts of the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast (which is on an indefinite hiatus, but there is a wealth of episodes to listen to), and Marie has just started up a spin off show called Everyone’s Autonomous.
From the Facebook Page:
The Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast began the summer of 2014 by Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo. In November 2018, Marie D’Elephant replaced Bob as co-host. Starting November 2019, Cass decided to close down the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast to prioritize other life callings.
Marie D’Elephant picks up the torch and continues the conversations that Cass started. While his podcast’s goal was to reassure others that they are not alone, Everyone’s Autonomous seeks to turn minds to the present and the future. If there is no god dictating our actions, how then shall we live? Do we have agency over our decisions? What does it mean, then, that every human on this earth is autonomous? How do we reclaim our autonomy over our minds, our sexuality, our finances, our relationships and so much more?

Looks like I’ll just have to have Marie on the show once more.