Book Review: Jay Bakker “Faith, Doubt and Other Lines I’ve Crossed”

I can now say that I’ve been officially baptized in the lake of pastor Jay Bakker with his new book: Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I’ve Crossed—And have sprung out of the water with a not-so-new view of God, the Bible and Christianity. (Unless you are a conservative evangelical Christian, then you will probably think […]

Book Review: Seth Andrews “De-Converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason”

How does Seth Andrews, a Bible believing, God-fearing Christian radio DJ, become the host of a popular Atheist podcast radio show, with over 250,000 listeners and a devoted online community called The Thinking Atheist? Well, it didn’t happen overnight, but according to Seth Andrews tell-all book, De-converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason, the road getting there, […]

Book Review: Sam Harris, “Free Will”

  What if free will is just an illusion? According to neuroscientist, Sam Harris, it most certainly is. In his most recent book, Free Will, Harris explores the topic of free will from a neurological and psychological perspective and presents a strong argument that could change the way we see the world and ourselves. I […]

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