Book Review: Jay Bakker “Faith, Doubt and Other Lines I’ve Crossed”

I can now say that I’ve been officially baptized in the lake of pastor Jay Bakker with his new book: Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I’ve Crossed—And have sprung out of the water with a not-so-new view of God, the Bible and Christianity. (Unless you are a conservative evangelical Christian, then you will probably think […]

The AxPx Podcast 17: God Made Hops, Therefore We Must Beer

This week we’re talking beer. And Jesus. Can they coexist? Ben Smith from Reclamation Brewing Company helps bring a Christian perspective to beer drinking and beer culture. Music by Tumbledown. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS

The AxPx Podcast 16: Live To Soar – A Conversation With Shawn Nelson

In 2006, Shawn Nelson was a successful City Manager to one of the fastest growing cities in Southern California. However, in October of 2006 his life was drastically changed when his 24 year old son, Jake Nelson, was tragically killed in a car accident. This rocked him and his family to their core as they […]

The AxPx Bonus 3: President Obama Speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday morning, President Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. Here is the audio. This opens up a discussion I want  to focus a podcast on in the near future. Where do we draw the line between religion and politics? Here’s what the First Amendment of the United States Constitution states: Congress shall make no […]

AxPx Guest Post: A Response to Dr. Bart D. Ehrman’s Critique of the KJV Bible

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re going to start posting “Guest Posts” here and there. Sometimes we’ll get emails or comments that are just too long to address or post under the comments area. Hopefully, this is a way to continue the conversation of a particular topic. The opinions held in these articles don’t necessarily reflect the opinion […]

The AxPx Podcast 15: De-Converted. A Conversation With Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews was once a Bible believing, God-fearing Christian radio DJ. He now is the  host of a popular Atheist podcast radio show, with over 250,000 listeners and a devoted online community called The Thinking Atheist. Sean and Joey talk to him about his book “De-Converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason” and his journey. Play […]

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