Book Review: Seth Andrews “De-Converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason”

How does Seth Andrews, a Bible believing, God-fearing Christian radio DJ, become the host of a popular Atheist podcast radio show, with over 250,000 listeners and a devoted online community called The Thinking Atheist? Well, it didn’t happen overnight, but according to Seth Andrews tell-all book, De-converted: A Journey From Religion To Reason, the road getting there, […]

The AxPx Podcast 14: What Kind of a Text Is the King James Bible? A Lecture by Dr. Bart D. Ehrman

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, Sean and Joey attended an exhibit at Loyola Marymount University entitled Manifold Greatness: The Creation & Afterlife of the King James Bible. Speaking at this exhibit was non-other than Bart D. Ehrman, James A. Grey Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, UNC Chapel Hill and author of some of our favorite books including: Forged, Jesus, Interrupted and Misquoting […]

The AxPx Podcast 13: Gun Control (pt 2)

Continuing the Gun Control conversation, Sean dives in further with his dad, Tom and uncle, Dave. We examine two opposing view points of Gun Control, Assault Rifle Bans and the Second Amendment. Music by Brett Detar.

The AxPx Bonus 2: President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

President Barack Obama starts his 2nd term today on a momentus holiday as well, Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Here is the President’s speech. Enjoy.

The AxPx Podcast 13: Gun Control (pt 1)

Sean Duregger and co-host Joey Avalos discuss the hot topic of Gun Control with Texas Police Officer Seth [last name withheld] and Freelance Journalist Brad McHargue. Music by Barsuk recording artist David Bazan*.

The AxPx Bonus 1: President Obama Introduces a Plan to Reduce Gun Violence

This is President Barack Obama’s full speech he gave on January 16, 2013 outlining his plan to reduce gun violence in America. Bonus content for the upcoming AxPx Episode 13: Gun Control. Enjoy. Audio from speech downloaded from

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