The AxPx Podcast 12: Secret Government, Chemtrails and The Cure For Cancer

This week, Joey and Sean sit down and talk Conspiracy Theories with Sambo Moncivaiz. Focusing on Chemtrails and the hidden cure for cancer, we try to uncover the fact and the fiction.

The AxPx Podcast 11: Meditation and the act of Puking Rainbows

Learn how to relax, clear your mind and puke rainbows with Minneapolis’ WCCO Creative Producer/Director Erica Hanna. We discuss life, meditation and uncover the secrets of puking rainbows.

The AxPx Podcast 10: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

  After a circus of an election year, we figure it’s time to address the “Mormon Moment.” Guest, Trevor McGarrah lays the ground work for his Mormon faith, dispelling the “myths” that circled the 2012 Election Year and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. Featuring music by Deep Elm’s Our Lost Infantry.

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