Grüss von Krampus! The Christmas Devil

Are your children misbehaving? Do you think they may be on Santa’s “Naughty List?” If so, tell them to change their ways because on the night before Christmas Eve Krampus may stuff them in a basket, carry them to his lair and eat them for his Christmas dinner! The Legend of Krampus dates back to pre-Christian […]

Book Review: Sam Harris, “Free Will”

  What if free will is just an illusion? According to neuroscientist, Sam Harris, it most certainly is. In his most recent book, Free Will, Harris explores the topic of free will from a neurological and psychological perspective and presents a strong argument that could change the way we see the world and ourselves. I […]

No Pain, No Gain: How God Rewards The Faithful

  If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ve heard the term “No pain, no gain!” It’s a reference to the state of your muscles the day after you’ve completed a strenuous work out. The work out itself stretched and tore your muscles, and now your body must repair those muscles. Once your muscles are healed, they […]

The AxPx Podcast 9: The New Atheists

The New Atheism Movement is on Joey’s mind this week. We discuss the “new-ish” movement, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and even Kirk Cameron with special guest Rob Hunter. Music by Tin Horn Prayer and Undesirable People.

The AxPx Podcast 8: Paranormal Activity

We’re a week late on Halloween, but Sean meets up with Jon Kirchoff founder of Full Tech Paranormal Investigations. We talk about focused, non-terminal repeating phantasms, or Class Five full roaming vapors and more! Music by Tyler Daniel Bean and Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations.

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